a FILM, design, and media collaborative 

Sisters Abbey and Tate Nova founded Stand Sure Media as a multimedia production company for their creative projects, which include award-winning documentary films and research and development for organizations including The Metropolitan Museum, Ralph Lauren, The New School, Viacom's Logo, The National Black Programming Consortium and others. They have recently moved into narrative film production, through a partnership with director Courtney Powell to create "The Surf Report". This fiction film explores issues of class, race, and sexuality in a ghostly love story set against the surreal and beautifully barren landscape of the Far Rockaways. It premiered at the New Orleans Film Festival in October of 2016 and has since screened at many festivals both nationally and internationally. 

They currently are at work on several feature and short projects. They stand sure in their commitment not only to broadening the reach of women above the line in film and new media, but also to telling original stories with diverse voices.